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Goodbye Hooptie! August 17, 2010

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If you have read my About page you have seen that I consider us a one (reliable) car family.  Since my husband “lost” his job, “lost” meaning his former boss just decided to stop paying him, our finances have gone down the proverbial crapper.  One of the casualties was my hubby’s Trailblazer.  We then became a one car family.  Not so bad for some, in fact we’ve done it before.  However, that was back in the day when the love of my life had a sit down job in an office and I could take and pick him up from work and have the car to myself all day.  This time was different.  He is now self-employed, driving all over Southern CA.  He needed our one and only car.  I was left at home, pregnant, with two kids.  No bueno.  This lasted about two months.  Enter, The Hooptie.

This little bucket is a 1999 Ford Escort and has been a total blessing for our family.  Let me just say, it was in running condition when we got it, perfect for around the town errands.  We got it for free (yes, free!) from some friends of the family who were going to give it to charity.  We said, “We’ve got your charity right here!”.  I drove this little guy (yes, he’s a boy car) with pride, as if I was driving a brand new (enter cool car of your choice here).  Remember, I had previously spent two months with no transportation, I was now a liberated woman!  This lasted until Jers decided I shouldn’t be driving this “unsafe” car in my 8 month pregnant condition, surrendered my Tahoe back to me, and started driving the little red machine himself.  To L.A.  To Palos Verdes.  To Manhattan Beach.  From the O.C.  Hmmmm….probably not the best of ideas.  We single-handedly turned that reliable automobile into the Hooptie it is today.  First the A.C. went out.  Then the engine started making these horrid knocking, clacking sounds.  Sounds that left the “mechanic” of the family scratching his head.  All he could say was “yeah, it’s not good.”  The Hooptie has been benched ever since.  It has been two weeks and counting that we have become a one car family again and I’ll be honest, it sucks.  Now I’ve got three kids, it’s summer, and we’re stuck at home.  And I like being home!  It’s the fact that I can’t go anywhere if I wanted to that drives me crazy.

So back to The Hooptie.  In lieu of letting it sit in our driveway, slowly leaking oil, we decided to call Auto Buyer.  There are a ton of cash for cars places out there, but we liked this one because they advertise that they’ll take your “mechanically challenged” vehicle, which we thought was a very clever way of saying they’ll pick up your piece o’ s#@t beater.  And that they did, leaving us $100 which we’ll now give to our church.  The way we look at it, God blessed us with this car just when we needed it most (meaning before I went postal on my entire family) and we should give it right back to Him as a thank you.

Goodbye Hooptie, you served us and served us well.  You’ll be missed right up until we replace you with another used, and hopefully more reliable, family car.  RIP.