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Driveway Timeout August 9, 2010

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The first time I saw this commercial for the Toyota Sienna I was cracking up.  I had to include this in my blog.  So I went to You Tube and started reading the comments and can’t believe how many people think that, although she’s hot, this mom is a BAD MOM!  Really?  Because I TOTALLY identify with her!  If I had a pimped out mini van I would for sure be in it to get away from the kids for a timeout!  Just a few months ago I was very pregnant with Beeb and had to get out of the house.  I was beat.  I was frustrated.  I needed a drink.  But because of the little being inside that was sucking the life force from me, that was a no-go.  So I retreated to my Tahoe in the driveway in order to escape.  I ran from the house without the keys and prayed for the doors to be unlocked.  They were, thank God, or I may have internally combusted.  I threw myself into the passenger seat, because it was closer to me and being pregnant anything I could do to avoid walking any further was a bonus, and slammed the door.  Quiet.  A driveway timeout.  I don’t mind saying I cried a little, ok, a lot, and then did some deep breathing exercises.  These not only helped to calm me down but I figured it couldn’t hurt to practice for the impending birth of the third and final little monster that would be sure to send me into a similar frenzy someday.  But then it got hot…really hot.  I toyed with the idea of sweating off some of those pounds I had gained by consuming entirely too much ice cream but in the end I had to open the door.

My point here is that I get it.  I know that mommy in the commercial.  I AM that mommy in the commercial, on occasion.  And anyone who doesn’t understand her certainly doesn’t have children.  So take your timeout when and where you can…just remember to bring the keys.


Mommy’s Birthday Timeout August 5, 2010

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My own little timeout in a glass, a strawberry basil mojito from Lazy Dog Cafe.  It’s amazing what a good cocktail can do.  It can block out the fact that your 4 year old just crawled under the table to squeeze between you and your 12 year old in what was previously a very comfy booth.  Cozy.  Another sip…and that sweet little concoction just erased the fact that the 4 year old and the 12 year old are now fighting and punching each other.  Who thought that an 8 year span would make things easier?  Never mind, another pull…and that tasty drink just shut out the complaining cries of the 7 week old baby that is pissed because he’s been in his carrier for too long because the server is taking her sweet-ass time scooping out some ice cream and slicing a banana for my damn birthday dessert.

Deep breath…final swig….ahhhhhh, Happy Birthday to me.