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Mommy’s Birthday Timeout August 5, 2010

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My own little timeout in a glass, a strawberry basil mojito from Lazy Dog Cafe.  It’s amazing what a good cocktail can do.  It can block out the fact that your 4 year old just crawled under the table to squeeze between you and your 12 year old in what was previously a very comfy booth.  Cozy.  Another sip…and that sweet little concoction just erased the fact that the 4 year old and the 12 year old are now fighting and punching each other.  Who thought that an 8 year span would make things easier?  Never mind, another pull…and that tasty drink just shut out the complaining cries of the 7 week old baby that is pissed because he’s been in his carrier for too long because the server is taking her sweet-ass time scooping out some ice cream and slicing a banana for my damn birthday dessert.

Deep breath…final swig….ahhhhhh, Happy Birthday to me.


2 Responses to “Mommy’s Birthday Timeout”

  1. GUNN Says:

    Well Put! Oh yeah, ~Happy Birthday~

    You should write reviews. Seriously!

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